Saturday, August 5, 2017

8/2 - Hong Kong, Tokyo, Chicago, Grand Rapids, HOME

Up early and walk over to our terminal.  The check in process went smoothly and we have all our boarding passes for all of our flights.  One our way to our gate we pass the Disney store and of course have to browse through it.  Now we all start planning our next Disney trip!  At the gate we have plenty of time before boarding so Kyle & Natalee set off to get some breakfast.  They come back with 3 egg mcmuffin sandwiches from McD’s.  We didn’t have a lot of Hong Kong cash left and still wanted a water.  He finds a little stand selling water for $8.00 HKD and he has exactly $8.10HKD in his pocket!  10 cents leftover and we're on our way home!

Our flights are all on time and decent.  We flew HK to Tokyo, had about an hour layover (enjoyed a snack of M&M’s, Pocky & dark chocolate) then on to Chicago.  I didn’t fare too well on the flight from Tokyo to Chicago. I couldn’t sleep due to the large man next to me and having tummy issues.  It was a long flight!

On the ground and almost home!  We navigate our way through security, customs, baggage claim, baggage check more security and to our gate for our last leg.  Our plane to GR was really small, fortunately I was able to sleep.

Mom & Dad picked us up at the airport and on our way home we stopped at Chick-fil-A for a snack (9:30 pm).  The girls were excited and chatty.  It’s good to be home and I’m ready for bed!  My parent put a few groceries in the house which was a huge help!

Traveling is wonderful and exciting, exhausting too!  We’re so happy to have had the opportunity to take the girls on this heritage trip and hope that they cherish these memories forever!  Thank you Lord for this amazing opportunity!  Thank you for safety and healing!  Thank you for new friends and new experiences! 

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